Welcome to School of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences!

The tremendous growth and development of the health industry since the turn of the century brings with it a growing demand for more qualified nurses and allied health professionals. To help address this need, SEGi University & 高校 set up the School of Nursing in 2006, offering our very own 文凭 in Nursing. We have since moved on to also offer a bachelor’s degree in nursing: BSc (Hons) 专业的 Practice in Nursing 2+0 (Post Registration), in collaboration with 大学 of Greenwich, UK.

The School of Allied Health Sciences was established later in 2010, with the introduction of programmes such as Diploma in Environmental Health, Diploma in 卫生保健 Management, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, and 文凭 in Occupational Safety & Health. Subsequently, both schools merged to become the existing School of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences with the aim of enhancing students’ learning experience through the sharing of practical skills, knowledge and learning resources across disciplines.

At SEGI, opportunities abound for students to develop necessary life skills and soft skills alongside academic knowledge in their fields of study. There is a variety of extracurricular activities at SEGi for students to participate in to enrich their academic and social life. 学生s learn through blended learning, supplemented by rigorous practical training with the latest equipment and techniques in their field. They also undergo practical placements in real-life working environments towards the end of their studies. Upon completion of our programmes, graduates emerge not only as industry-ready allied health professionals but well-rounded young adults.

Come join us at the School of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences for a truly fulfilling learning experience.



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